Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Products

Whether you’re a commercial architect, a residential builder or a homeowner, you’ll find a world of premium, innovative products just waiting for your next project. So take a look and you’ll see – the possibilities are endless.

Glass Block (Division 4)

Pittsburgh Corning offers a wide variety of loose glass block styles and patterns, from traditional clear glass to designer patterns.

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High Performance Systems (Division 8)

These custom-built, factory-assembled Division 8 systems come complete and ready to install at your site. Whether specified to meet energy efficiency, blast resistant or security requirement, each is engineered to deliver the highest performance in the industry.

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LightWise® Architectural Systems

Designer Shower Kits

A custom-designed look with less work . Here’s all you need to create a luxury shower, including everything from glass block to shower base and doors. 

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Shower Systems

LightWise® Residential Windows

Whether you want protection from hurricanes, protection from the sun or just a little more peace-of-mind, these pre-assembled , ready-to-install windows make it easy to add style and function to any home. 

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LightWise® Residential Systems

Specialty Glass Block

Get creative. Pittsburgh Corning is constantly bringing the beauty and function of glass block to new and unconventional applications like solar wall tubes and glass block for crafting.

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Original Glass Block Solutions

GuardWise® Basement Security Windows

These easy-to-install and highly versatile basement windows provide enhanced home security, sound reduction, thermal efficiency and privacy with natural light. 

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GuardWise® Basement Windows