Pittsburgh Corning Expressions Collection

Add a personal touch to your wall or window using the new Expressions Collection from Pittsburgh Corning.


Express Yourself

The new Expressions Collection gives you the freedom to do just that. Now you can customize and enhance your designs with decorative glass block. Using a patented process to add color or images, glass block is no longer just a classic and versatile building material, but rather it is a unique work of art. Perfect for any application, options are varied and limited only by your imagination.

The Expressions Collection in stock accent pieces are comprised of the following designs.

Each glass block is 8"x8"x4" nominal size in the DECORA® pattern.


Kitchen Accents

Brighten up your kitchen.


Apple Grapes Kiwi Peach Pear Grid
Apple Grapes Kiwi Peach Pear Grid
Fruit Mural
Fruit Mural



Bath Accents

Add some color to your bath.


Clownfish in water Seahorse in water Tropical fish in water Starfish in water
Clownfish in Water Seahorse in Water Tropical Fish in water Starfish in Water
Sun Crab Seahorse Fish
Sun Crab Seahorse Fish



Color Accents

Add a splash of color.


Blue Green Brown Brown Border Brown Corner
Blue Green Brown Brown Border Brown Corner



Designs & Logos

 Glass block can be customized with designs or logos. Call 800-871-9918 for more information.


Cactus Hornblower Foamglas® Logo
Cactus Hornblower Foamglas® Logo



Expressions Collection Glass Block Murals


Periodic Table
Add an element of style with the Periodic Table of Elements on a glass block wall in a Chemistry classroom. This is just one idea of many applications of decorative glass block in schools and universities.

The Expressions Collections Glass Block Murals are another way to add an artistic touch to your décor. A variety of glass block murals are available by special order at Home Depot, Lowes’ and at your local Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block distributor locations. Choose from the following mural designs. All Expressions Collection Glass Block Murals come as individual block, assembly is required.

A few of the in stock murals that are available can be seen here:

Calla Lillies Sun/Moon Blue Dolphins American Flag Virgin of Guadalupe
Calla Lillies Sun/Moon Blue Dolphins American Flag Virgin of Guadalupe


Yellow Flowers Tulips Waves with Surfer
Poppies Tulips Waves with Surfer


Custom options for colors, designs and murals available for your project.

Click here for product literature. Please call Pittsburgh Corning Technical Support at 1-800-871-9918 to assist you with custom Pittsburgh Corning Expressions Collection glass block and murals for your next project.

 Click here for Expressions Collection product line and MSRP pricing.


How Expressions Collection Glass Blocks are Made

The beauty of art and glass combine to make the Expressions Collection glass block. Each piece is created by our patented process which allows us to add color or images to the glass block. Each stocked accent glass block and murals are done on 8 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch DECORA® pattern glass blocks. The color/image becomes part of the glass block.

The Expressions Collection glass blocks can be mixed with other glass blocks to form a wall or window of great beauty. The application of the color or images does not affect the fire rating of the glass block. The Expressions Collection glass blocks can be used in interior or exterior applications. It is safe for use in wet areas, such as shower enclosures. They can be installed like traditional glass blocks. The Expressions Collection glass block can add a new dimension to your designs while providing all of the standard features and benefits of glass blocks. So for security, privacy and now personalized design, choose Pittsburgh Corning’s Expressions Collection Glass Blocks.