2100 Connecticut Ave.

Washington, D.C.

Like many older buildings built before the 1940’s, the apartments on 2100 Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. were in need of renovation and replacement of the original glass block windows. For the Bernstein Management Corporation that meant finding a suitable solution that would please both the tenants and the local historical society. However, unlike many exterior window projects, the apartments required a unique type of glass block.

To help bring this renovation to life, the Bernstein Management Corporation joined forces with Pittsburgh Corning and Medina Glass Block (a Pittsburgh Corning distributor) to brainstorm solutions. The three tried several different options only to be turned down time and time again by the historical society. After countless attempts and searches for additional manufacturers both domestic and international, the three decided on a custom made glass block that replicated the original 1930 pattern.

“The company was in a really difficult position and had to find a manufacturer who either had the glass block in stock or could produce a custom piece,” said Tom Galligan, Vice President and General Manager of Pittsburgh Corning. “We were thrilled to be a part of this building not only because our glass block is front-and-center but because we were able to show off our custom capabilities. We hope others recognize our versatility and look forward to putting our engineers to work on many more historical renovations in the area.”

To develop the custom radial block Pittsburgh Corning engineers carefully examined a few samples from the building to develop product specifications. From there, the process was relatively turn-key utilizing a mold to create more than 3,000 pieces of glass block.

Glass Block of America, a division of Medina Glass Block, worked directly with the developer and was also responsible for the installation of the glass block windows. “We were excited to provide our expertise on this project” said Steve Boesch, Vice President of Glass Block of America. “Our installers did an excellent job and the residents were very appreciative of the results.”

“From start to finish the entire project was smooth and simple,” said Daniel Porter of the Bernstein Management Corporation. “The results were fantastic and everyone, including the historical society, was pleased with the final product.”