Pete & Mac’s Pet Resort

Scottsdale, Arizona

Employees of Pete & Mac’s do not use the word “kennel.” They get fined if heard saying it. That’s because nothing about a Pete & Mac’s resembles a traditional, concrete facility where people would board their pets. And nothing about the custom, glass block designed “rooms” conveys “kennel.” In fact, the entire Pete & Mac’s experience is more like an all inclusive getaway for your dog or cat.

“Our model is pretty simple,” explains Gay Barwald, president of Pete & Mac’s. “We take care of pets the way they should be taken care of by the kind of people trained to properly care for them.”

For 10 years, Pete & Mac’s across the country have offered a home away from home through their pet “rooms” and “suites” – complete with TVs, toddler beds, fleece blankets and toys. Sibling pets can share a room, or adjoining rooms – much like you might find at a Marriot. But one of the company’s most defining features is the use of glass block in every room.

“Glass block is simply more humane and comforting for the animals,” says Barwald. “Part of our model involves a close relationship with local vets at each location, and they agree with us that glass block absolutely improves the quality of stay for our guests. The product has a shadowing effect that lets animals know someone is near, yet they can’t get at each other. Compared to polycarbonate boards or chain link, it’s easier to clean and sanitize; the animals can’t scratch it, eat it, hurt themselves on it or get their fur stuck in it. Plus, it has a nice aesthetic to it, letting more light through the facility and removing the ‘caged’ feel our competitors have.”

As the privately held company expands over the next 10 years, customers can expect every room/suite to be made out of custom Pittsburgh Corning LightWise Architectural Systems.
“We’re one of the few chains in this industry that spends millions on our buildings, and having a consistent standard to our rooms is a huge part of that,” says Barwald. “When we started this expansion, we were looking for panels to simplify our build out, but Pittsburgh Corning took it much further.”

“We worked directly with Gay and her team to create an entire system,” says Tom Galligan, general manager, Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block. “Pete & Mac’s started out thinking a panel made out of the traditional 8x8 block was all that would be available to them, but through a collaborative effort, we came up with much more.”

Ultimately, Pittsburgh Corning developed a unique system, made of 12x12 Decora® pattern block and engineered into stainless steel frames, with a stainless steel door, custom locking mechanism and installation – all in a complete package that could be repeated at dozens of new facilities across the country.

“When I visited Pittsburgh Corning with our developers, Tom and his team had a mock up of a room and had done it in the12x12 block. It really gives more of an airy feel and makes the entire room seem bigger. I was sold immediately.”

The Scottsdale, AZ based company plans to expand over the next 10 years from 10 to 150 stores nationwide. Each building will have approximately 110-115 glass block enclosed rooms. The first two new build outs to include the Pittsburgh Corning designed rooms were completed in 2009.

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