PrintPack Inc.

Bloomington, Indiana

Beginning with modest roots - a small, rental space – and encompassing its now global reach, PrintPack Inc. has quickly become one of the largest and most innovative packaging converters in the world. However, like most companies, they recently faced a tough decision facing the development of a new printing and packaging facility in Indiana.

Fortunately, the company was able to find the funding to move forward with the facility as planned. However, their new challenge was designing a building that would keep true to its mission of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. That meant working with a number of manufacturers to bring in products and services that wouldn’t just get the job done, but make the final product something everyone could be proud of.

Enter Pittsburgh Corning, makers of iconic glass block and a leader in the industry. Having recently developed LightWise® Architectural Systems Energy Efficient glass block windows, the company seemed to be a natural fit for the project.

"Just like the industry, we’ve continued to change and adapt to develop a wide range of products for all types of installations," said Tom Galligan, Vice President and General Manager of Pittsburgh Corning. "And that wide range of products includes our line of LightWise® Architectural Systems and, in this case, our energy efficient glass block windows. This facility was a great opportunity for us to showcase the product within a sustainable design."

A perfect fit for the facility, Pittsburgh Corning’s Energy Efficient windows feature a low-emissivity coated glass panel sandwiched inside each block to filter out about 70 percent of the total solar energy. They offer a 25 percent improvement in U-Value, a 60 percent improvement in solar heat gain and are available in a range of visibility options for increased daylighting. Simply put, they let in what you want in and keep out what you want out. That means facilities like PrintPack Inc.’s can keep energy as well as heating and cooling bills to a minimum without sacrificing look or quality.

Thanks to manufacturers like Pittsburgh Corning, PrintPack Inc. was able to stay true to its mission of sustainability and feel good about its new space.