Sullivant Armory

Columbus, Ohio

The Sullivant Armory is one of several armories located on the Ohio Military Reserve, headquartered at the Haubuch Armory in Columbus, Ohio. Within the last year, necessary window renovation has occurred on the Sullivant Armory. With the help of distributor, Glass Block of America, and leading architect James S. Luckino of Archatus Inc., the Sullivant Armory windows were replaced with Pittsburgh Corning’s Low E Blast Resistant Windows. Vice President of Glass Block of America, Steve Boesch, remarked on the project saying, “Installation went very smooth and the windows were installed efficiently and on schedule to meet the project timeline. A  challenge on this project was the  rough opening size for the window. We had to alter the opening to make it compatible. The end product was a beautiful window as you can see from the pictures. The Pittsburgh Corning Energy Block that we used in this project is a tremendous help for the winter heating bills and drastically reduces the solar heat gain in the summer.”

Similarly, chief architect and owner of Archatus Inc., James Luckino described what he planned to accomplish with the Sullivant Armory design project as “an inexpensive solution to a window replacement.” Furthermore, he noted that “the project had to meet security and energy concerns and provide a low maintenance aspect.” James Luckino also expressed the cost effectiveness of the Low E Blast Resistant Windows saying, “the product was about 30% less [in cost] than conventional windows” and the only other products considered during this renovation were “standard operable windows”.

Pittsburgh Corning’s  Low E Blast Resistant Windows were used for this renovation because they let in an abundance of natural light while still providing privacy and protection from various levels of blast, making these windows the perfect choice for a high-risk building like the Ohio Military Reserve. Additionally, the Blast Resistant windows are 100% American-made. The Sullivant Armory chose to use these windows because they reduce heating and cooling bills, protect against cold, intense heat, drafts, moisture, pollution, noise and are maintenance free. 

According to James Luckino, the total renovation took about one year to complete. Altogether, the finished windows gave the Sullivant Armory an up-to-date and newly furnished look thanks to the persistent work of architect James Luckino and his partnership with Glass Block of America and Pittsburgh Corning Corporation.