High Performance Systems
Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels

Lets in what you want in. Keeps out what you want out.

Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels are aesthetically pleasing and functionally smart. They are engineered, built and tested to the highest standard – so that you can be sure to get quality, performance and easy installation.

Every block works like a traditional energy efficient window. That’s because each block features a low-emissivity coated glass panel sandwiched inside to help keep interiors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, they’re Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block, so they deliver the beauty of dancing light and security that no ordinary window can touch.

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Energy efficient Glass block panels let in the sun’s light, but keep out the heat. That’s because each block features a low emissivity coated glass panel sandwiched inside the block that filters out about 70% of total solar energy while still allowing for superior day lighting. And with an insulating U-Value of 0.34 (unframed), these panels can keep HVAC costs in line too. Framed panel as above, has a U-Value of 0.38.

System Specs

Sandwiched inside every block is a low-emissivity coated glass panel. Like traditional energy saving windows, this panel blocks out the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light – to help keep interiors cooler in the summer. In winter, the panel’s improved insulating ability helps keep interiors warmer.

The blocks are framed by a 2-piece aluminum channel. Standard aluminum channel is mill finished, anodized clear or bronze. Powder coating is also available.

Why High Performance Systems?

  • Visually stunning, pre-fabricated panels are easy to install
  • Customizable to meet project needs
  • Designed to meet your performance requirements
  • Useful for daylighting strategies and can contribute to LEED points
  • Available with a range of visibility and privacy options
  • Graffiti-resistant, damage-resistant and easy to clean
  • Possibilities are limited only by your imagination

Pittsburgh Corning has a sales and technical support team that is ready to help you design, engineer and specify glass block solutions. Please call 800-871-9918 for assistance.

For detailed technical and performance information for Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Products, click here.


Product Sheet

Key Features:

  • Keeps spaces warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • 25% improvement in U-Value
  • 60% improvement in solar heat gain

Test Results:

  • ASTM C1363 thermal transmittance (unframed U-Value of 0.34).
  • NFRC 201-2004 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.27 (framed) blocks assembled with a silicone spacer system.
  • ASTM E2190 – 08 Standard Specification for Insulating Glass Unit Performance found the glass block showed no evidence of condensation when tested to -60°F.